GHL Purifiers

The GHL Series

…Your Best Choice for the Next Generation of Purifiers

~ Introduction

Five years ago we produced the first GHL 3000 UV purifier.  Today we can offer you two of the most powerful Ultraviolet Purifiers on the market backed with a full satisfaction guarantee.   If you’re serious about getting rid of those destructive bacteria and virus, you need to consider the simple, yet powerfully built GHL series.

~ Design

The most widely used UV machines offer only a fraction of the available UVA and UVC light.  Poor research and design have kept them from reaching their full potential by offering units with one or two bulbs that lack in the amount of energy they deliver.  The issue is that these systems don’t adequately treat the liquid to provide consistent, effective results.

The GHL series has overcome that difficulty by giving the fluid a longer and fuller exposure to the light.  The whole cuvette is evenly bathed in the powerful UVC /UVA rays for the whole length of its flow.  Its mirrored surfaces give it the greatest 360 degree exposure of any available unit.


~ Features

  • Strikingly attractive piece with a modern look
  • Certified designers
  • No chips or circuitry boards to fail or get damaged
  • Tough Powder Coating finish
  • Cooling fan for longer bulb and component life
  • Lighted switches indicate power flow
  • Safety switch disengages power when lid is lifted
  • Mirrored reflectors on top and bottom
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

~ Ultraviolet Light

You may wonder why we have chosen to use UVA and UVC in our units.  After many hours of research and testing, the data has led us to conclude that these two types of UV light will have the most positive effect.  While it may have sounded better to include UVB, we want to deliver the most energy possible all the while keeping safety in mind.


Our units use UVC bulbs that peak right at 254nm which is peak inactivation for bacteria and virus.

~ The Purifiers



The GHL Azura is our most powerfully built model designed to provide you with the optimal amount of UV energy. It has four, 12” lamps that surround the cuvette as well as reflectors above and below to create an environment that will eliminate even the toughest bacteria and virus. Its shiny powder coat finish and simple three switch design make it attractive and easy to operate.





The GHL 2000 is our newest addition designed as a more affordable, compact unit that will still pack a punch. It’s tough powder coat knockout blow. While not delivering as much energy as the GHL Azura, it will still get the job done for those who are looking for a more economical optionfinish and no nonsense design makes the GHL 2000 look the part of a professional, germ destroying machine. It boasts two 6” UV lamps and two UVC lamps which provides the